Ricky Lee Robinson is a veteran rocker with a unique sound, look, and creative process. He played in a series of bands and courted major label attention throughout the 90s. In the 2000s he went solo.

A NY native and West Coast transplant, Ricky made a name for himself in the NorCal scene with his impressive unconventional live show. If T.Rex were to collaborate with The White Stripes, that impossible dream jam might sound something like Ricky Lee Robinson. However, in this scenario Ricky plays all three roles of Marc Bolan and both Stripes.

Armed with a Telecaster, keys, and a modified three piece drum set (which he plays with his feet), Ricky Lee Robinson puts on a live show that must be seen to be believed. That is because, to hear him one would think they were listening to a live recording of Bowie, Big Star, or any number of other garage-rocking spacemen.

In recent years, Ricky Lee Robinson relocated to the Southern California desert, not far from The Joshua Tree national forest. There he added a backing band to his repertoire. The rock and roll rebel says he has also found peace and inspiration amidst the cacti.

“I’ve lived a relatively unsettled life, but seem to have finally found myself in the desert.”

– Ricky Lee Robinson

Over the years, Ricky Lee Robinson has released 3 solo LP’s. With reignited creative energy and talented players by his side, he has a string of new releases on the way. Subscribe to his YouTube channel @rrobinson000 to stay in the loop.